Redefining our Ad Network in a Programmatic-Driven Environment

We use programmatic now to create some of our networks, it’s not traditional where we used to meet sites, negotiate with them. We’ve developed a custom network on behalf of a particular campaign with Yomedia, which is a lot of differences more than how we used to do it.

The term “programmatic” typically refers to the automated method of buying digital advertising in which supply and demand partners make decisions on a per-impression basis and adhere to business rules as provided by the operators of each platform.

By removing tedious, manual labor, programmatic technology makes ad buying cheaper, more e cient and more reliable. That is why more and more advertisers and publishers are buying and selling media through programmatic channels instead of open exchanges.

Where Brands & Agencies Say They Will Increase Programmaitc Spending In The Next Six Months (Forbes)

Bidding with RTB

Before programmatic technology spread throughout the digital marketplace, publishers made their inventory available through ad exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB), which allowed for greater transparency and more reasonable market value prices.

RTB introduced the idea of programmatic buying which multiple parties submit bids in real-time for a piece of inventory in a reduced price auction, to which the winning advertiser delivers creative