1. Identify the Right Audience

Understand & define the brand audience they would like to drive to the stores. The first question we always ask is: Who are we reaching out to? Start by creating a detailed profile of target audience based on age, gender, demographics, average income, interests etc. Identifying the key traits of brand’s audience is a vital step toward creating a successful ad campaign.

2. Research on Target Market

Having identified the audience, the next step is understanding the consumer behavior. What platform is the audience using? What ads will work best on those platforms? How is the consumer engaging with other brands? What are competitors doing on the platform? This research will provide in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and help us define clear and measurable objectives.

3. Set the Objectives

As the popular saying goes – Failing to plan is planning to fail. Defining clear and measurable objectives is essential to evaluate the success of ad campaign. Does the campaign aim to create brand awareness? Does brand want to generate leads?

4. Comparing different types of ads & channels

At this step, after identifying target audience, their behavior and brand objectives, we will decide on what ads (Video, Image or Text) and channels will work best to suit brand’s objective and audience.

5. Tracking & Improvise

Once the ad campaign is live, we will track its performance regularly.  Is the ad reaching out to the correct audience? Is target audience engaging with the ads? Is the brand message reaching out to the audience? Is the text copy getting desired clicks? Is the creative attractive enough?

Warranting the best performance within brand’s budget is our very main task.

6. Analytics & Report

We provide you with a clear report about the performance of the ad campaign based on agreed measurement such as impressions, clicks, click through rates, conversion rates, leads etc.